Not forgotten

Let this never be forgotten:


You are loved deeply in my heart.

And you’re right when you say you miss us

Right in the sense, that I miss us, too


But I have not forgotten us!

In the jump from one child to two

Robert & Anna Marie 145_1024

We often get trampled / By our two little beasts

They yell and they scream / They demand us without cease


And we give to them / Not because we must

But because we want to / So in this, let us trust:


Our family, our bond / The foundation upon which we grow

The truth that what is larger than us / Is worth every NO!

thumb_IMG_1269 - Version 2_1024

And the yeses, too


Of course those are quite easy…

But the little ones must know boundaries / Even when their tears make us queasy.

Have faith love, believe / In what we do every day


That it matters to more than just us / But to our whole family, for which we pray.

Robert & Anna Marie 107_1024 Robert & Anna Marie 005_1024

I love you – and I believe in you


Let that never be forgotten.

Let that never be forgotten.




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