Giuseppe’s 3rd birthday


Not forgotten


Let this never be forgotten:


You are loved deeply in my heart.

And you’re right when you say you miss us

Right in the sense, that I miss us, too


But I have not forgotten us!

In the jump from one child to two

Robert & Anna Marie 145_1024

We often get trampled / By our two little beasts

They yell and they scream / They demand us without cease


And we give to them / Not because we must

But because we want to / So in this, let us trust:


Our family, our bond / The foundation upon which we grow

The truth that what is larger than us / Is worth every NO!

thumb_IMG_1269 - Version 2_1024

And the yeses, too


Of course those are quite easy…

But the little ones must know boundaries / Even when their tears make us queasy.

Have faith love, believe / In what we do every day


That it matters to more than just us / But to our whole family, for which we pray.

Robert & Anna Marie 107_1024 Robert & Anna Marie 005_1024

I love you – and I believe in you


Let that never be forgotten.

Let that never be forgotten.



We are SoCochrane

Dear Bella,

Happy Mothers Day! The transition from one to two children has been amazing. There’s no doubt we were parents with Giuseppe, but bringing our little Frankie into the mix has sealed the deal.

Before I write more, let me explain this: it’s a blog about us – we are SoCochrane. By us, I mean the four of us. I will upload pictures, videos and blogs here. I want us to have a permanent, growing and dynamic record of us to access anytime and anywhere we have internet access (with, which the way the world is going, should be just about everywhere and all the time).

You know I’m a story teller — and much of that has grown into the visual side of things now.  I’m very excited to tell our story here for our own enjoyment and reflection. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Happy Mothers Day!